Both sweet and delicious, macarons (pronounced "mack-ah-ROHN") and macaroons ("mack-ah-ROON" suffer from the largest pastry identify crisis throughout the world!

Aside from the names, these two cookies are in fact, extremely different from each other. A macaron (what Passiontree Velvet specialises in) is made from almond flour and meringue, while a macaroon is coconut based.

Macarons are light and delicate, with a range of flavours that typically include salted caramel, pistachio, strawberry and chocolate. The outer macaron shell is delicate while the inside between the shells can be soft or chewy depending on the flavour, sometimes resembling buttercream, jam or ganache. Making macarons can be a time extensive activity, often requiring perfect timing, patience and detail. Thus, it is viewed as an elegant, delicate dessert, best enjoyed with tea or coffee.

Passiontree Velvet has a seasonal range of macarons. Currently we have twelve flavours including Chocolate (GF), Cookies & Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate, Lavender (GF), Passionfruit (GF), Pistachio (GF), Red Velvet, Salted Caramel (GF), Strawberry (GF), Vanilla (GF), Vanilla Honeycomb and Yuzu/ Lemon Meringue (GF). We also have Macaron Towers (up to ten-tiers) available on our Online Cake Store.

Meanwhile, coconut macaroons are more rustic and homemade in character with a denser and chewier texture compared to macarons. They are also easier to make, requiring less time and detail. Coconut macaroons are delicious and can be decorated by dipping them in chocolate or adding jam on top or inside!

Hopefully this clears your confusions regarding macarons and macaroons — Either way, they both make delicious sweet treats!