A lot of you have been asking the question, what is the difference between the sponge used in Strawberry Victoria and Occasion Cakes? Can I have a two-tiered Strawberry Victoria? To answer these questions, we have explained the differences between the sponges below!

Our Strawberry Victoria is a sponge cake which is classified as a foam cake. The sponge is light and airy as a result of the air beaten into the separated egg yolks and egg whites. As this sponge is quite delicate, our Strawberry Victoria cannot be layered any higher or made any larger than what we currently offer.

On the other hand, our Occasion Cakes use American Cake which is similar to Génoise (from the city of Genoa, Italy), as it has a denser and drier texture compared to our sponge cake. This allows support for layering of the cake for our Occasion Cakes, so that you can have a birthday cake that looks like the one pictured.

For all cakes, it is important to follow the storage and serving instructions on the box. The cake should be stored in the fridge but removed with enough time to come to room temperature. When the sponge is too cold it can taste dry, but at room temperature it is rich and moist. We recommend leaving Occasion Cakes in room temperature at least one house before serving.

Our Occasion Cake transport and storage instructions:

To ensure safe and secure transportation of the cake without compromising the quality and design, it is highly recommended to transport your cake in an air-conditioned vehicle. Place the cake box on a flat surface such as the floor of the car or securely place it in the boot (ensure box will not move when driving) and out of direct sunlight.
To enjoy our cake, we recommend storing your cake in the fridge as soon as possible. Before serving, please let the cake rest at room temperature for at least 1 hour.