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#5: Lemon Meringue Tart

Zesty and delightful, our lemon meringue tart features a zesty and refreshing lemon curd encased in a buttery tart, topped with torched meringue.

A twist on the traditional lemon meringue tart, perfect accompanied with a cup of Harney & Sons loose leaf tea available in-store.

#4: Rose Lychee

Our Rose Lychee has been a must-try cake since day one! A Passiontree Velvet signature, our Rose Lychee incorporates a raspberry centre immersed in a delicate rosewater mousse, coated with lychee glaze. Decorated with edible rose petals, mini strawberry macaron and freeze-dried raspberries. This mousse cake is here to impress! Also available as a wholecake, click here to view and order!

#3 Red Velvet

Everybody loves a divine Red Velvet cake — Which is why we always find our Red Velvet piece cakes selling out every day! Layers of indulgent red velvet layered with sweetened cream cheese, a classic that keeps you wanting more. Perfect served with a cup of coffee.

Our Red Velvet is also available as a wholecake. You can view and order it here!

#2: S’mores Bombe

One of the more rich and decadent piece cakes on this list: S’mores Bombe. A Passiontree Velvet must-try! A marshmallow centre encased with Ghanian chocolate mousse and a buttery biscuit coat, topped with torched meringue.

The S’mores Bombe oozes as you cut it, exploding with rich, chocolate mousse surrounding the marshmallow centre.

#1: Apple Delight

One of our newest members of our seasonal piece cake selection! Our Apple Delight has definitely received much attention and welcoming from customers. With its beautiful apple appearance and apple pie like taste, this cake tops the list for our most popular piece cakes in May!

Our Apple Delight is a mousse cake with apple and cream mousse which surrounds a caramelised apple and cinnamon centre on top of a sable biscuit. Not only is this a customer favourite, everyone at Passiontree Velvet HQ are also obsessed with this cake at the moment!

Which Passiontree Velvt do you most want to try? Do you have a favourite cake that didn’t make it onto this list this month? Check back next month to see which are the most popular cakes in June!

Hope we were able to help with you decision process next time you visit. Head to your nearest Passiontree Velvet location to try our piece cakes today!